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TuneSleeve 1.0.11 is an artwork retriever for Windows computers
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TuneSleeve 1.0.11 is an artwork retriever for Windows computers. The first thing it does when you download it is to "talk" with iTunes to see how many albums you have and, then, it searches for all the available information about them. Well, it actually retrieves all your songs and videos as well. In the wizard, you can tell TuneSleeve in which playlist to look for songs and albums. Then, it connects to the Internet and carries out a search on Amazon to retrieve all the pertinent artwork. It is important that your songs be correctly named for this to work. TuneSleeve will download as many different images as it can, and display the most popular ones. It is up to you to choose the ones you like. After you are done with that, the application will then send the artwork to iTunes, which will in turn make sure that any iPods or iPhones synced with it get it as well. I like how TuneSleeve takes the wizard approach. Whenever there is an error, you can't continue and are given instructions on how to resolve the problem. For me it was all pretty straight-forward. I was able to download artwork for iTunes' sample songs. However, iTunes had already done that automatically. I remember that iTunes didn't do it automatically some time ago, and maybe, this was the solution back then.

José Fernández
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